Most of our patients come in with specific pain or other symptoms. We know that pain is only 10% of the problem: there are underlying causes to treat. At the same time, we want to get you up and functioning as quickly as possible, so we provide immediate pain relief through pediatric and adult chiropractic care.

It is our commitment to provide you total health beyond immediate pain relief. We will recommend a course of correction of the underlying causes as well as maintenance and prevention regimen.

If you are interested only in pain relief, we are at your service. We can provide chiropractic adjustments for patients who want immediate relief with no obligation for long-term care.  However, unlike some chiropractors, we will not pretend this is a magical cure that fixes the problem without maintenance and care on your end. 

We wish we could tell you that we can relieve your pain and never see you again, but our experience tells us that people who skip the corrective stage of treatment tend to come back after several months, with the same need for pain relief.  We will tell you exactly what you can expect.