Family Care

We serve patients of all ages and levels of health, including children. We are licensed pediatric chiropractors; we have lengthly experience with children from infancy and with adults through their 90s. Bring the whole gang, Doctors John and Allison have 6 children of their own and enjoy having children in the office whether they are getting adjusted or just tagging along with Mom or Dad.

If you have questions about the validity of chiropractic care and children visit the website listed below.....this is an amazing wealth of information regarding how powerful an impact chiropractic care has on the health of children. A fascinating website.

We have found that many children and adults suffer with health issues that are simply not necessary and can be corrected. It is common for children and adults to obtain great results with health concerns that most people would not think to seek out a chiropractor for.

We also make it easy for families to get treatment together. As health-conscious parents of 6 children, Doctors John and Allison know that health care is important and needs to fit into the family budget. We also know that when the families take health conscious actions together, a Thriving family is the result. We provide family plans that are sensitive to the needs of the family unit as well as individual specific needs.