Often times pain, is one of that last symptoms to show up and fortunately it is often the first thing to go away when participating in chiropractic care.  Once your pain is relieved, it is important to make sure that the problem that caused the pain is corrected, sometimes more care is needed even after the pain is gone, otherwise if the cause of the problem is not corrected properly the problem will surely return.  

Just as you take antibiotics for several days after your symptoms are gone, it may be necessary for additional care after the initial pain relief.  We are committed to actually correcting the problem, not just the symptom. We highly recommend corrective care when necessary to our patients, ultimately the choice is up to you, and we will serve your health needs how you choose.

We will always make our professional recommendations based on your clinical examination findings and diagnostic test results. It’s your health, and you have full freedom to choose how you participate in your own health.