Pediatric Care

Yes! We adjust children. We have 6 children of our own, and we believe strongly that the best time to fight disease before it appears! The second best time is as soon as it appears, with out waiting to see what happens.  It is common that children respond very quickly to chiropractic adjustments, and results tend to occur much faster than in adults. Yes! An adjustment for a child is very different than that of an adult.  As with all of our patients our adjustments for all ages are specific.

Chiropractic adjustment for children, like in adults, improves the functioning of the spine and the nervous system. Just like proper nutrition and exercise, improved nervous system function is an important element of health for children’s development. It is often found that children who have nervous system interference from the spine being in the wrong position experience different health issues.  When your child is adjusted, the intent of the adjustment is to restore how the system that controls all of the functions of the body to a healthier state.  The result of a properly functioning nervous system is improved body function, when the body functions at a higher level, healing happens, health issues resolve themselves and children Thrive!

Although we cannot make claims to have an adjustment that treats chronic childhood medical conditions such as asthma, allergies, or ADD, or others, it is a common experience in our office and other family style chiropractic offices that children whose nervous systems are cared for often find those very health issues resolved. You may see our testimonial page to get a better idea of why parents bring their children to us at a variety of stages of illness and wellness.